Parenting as An SMC

Parenting as a single parent can be incredibly rewarding but also has its challenges.  Some of the things that you may need to consider as you parent your child as an SMC include the following:

  • If your child was conceived using donor gametes, how will you tell your child about their conception? Resources such as specialty books and “Our Story” formats are available to assist in this process.
  • How can your children connect with other children who were conceived the same way? One of the key reasons SMC Australia was created was to provide a way for donor conceived children to connect with each other. SMC Australia has regular catch ups in each state and also an annual holiday where SMCs and their children can connect.
  • If you are a Foster Carer or Permanent Carer, what are you rights vis a vis the rights of the birth parents? How do you make sure your child is protected and understands each person’s role in their life.

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