Useful Information

This is a collection of some links to further information research, articles and organisations that are relevant to SMC families.

Thinking About Becoming An SMC

Trying to Become An SMC

Parenting as An SMC

Research, Articles and Books
The Single Mothers Survival Guide; Patrice Karst
Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice; Rosanna Hertz
Single Mothers By Choice; Jane Mattes
Choosing Single Motherhood; by Mikki Morrissette
The Natural Way to Better Babies; Francesca Naish
Going it Alone; By Natascha Mirosch
Overcoming Infertility; Prof Robert Jansen

Organisations in Australia

Australian Donor Conception Network

Donor Conception Support Group


Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority

Organisations Overseas

Donor Conception Network

Donor Sibling Registry

Single Mothers by Choice

Choosing Single Motherhood

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