This is a collection of links to websites, books, articles, podcasts and organisations that are relevant to SMC families.

*SMC Australia is not affiliated with any of these publications/organisations and does not endorse anything contained within. We provide these links as a starting point to enable women to conduct their own research.*


Single Mothers By Choice – Jane Mattes

Choosing Single Motherhood – Mikki Morrissette

Going Solo – Genevieve Roberts

Knock Yourself Up – Louise Sloan

It Starts with the Egg – Rebecca Fett

Choosing Single Parenthood: Stories from Solo Parents by Choice


The Single Greatest Choice

Not By Accident


The Stork & I

Mocha SMC

Knocked Up


Donor Conception and Beyond

Infertility and Fertility Treatment Experiences

Facebook groups:

Parents via Donor Conception

Solo Mothers by Choice: Welcome to Reality

Donor Children Australia

Organisations in Australia:

VARTA- Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority

Adopt Change

Egg Donation Australia

Organisations Overseas:

Donor Conception Network

Donor Sibling Registry

US Single Mothers by Choice