Thinking About Becoming An SMC

When thinking about becoming an SMC, there are lots of different factors to take into consideration, such as:

  • How do I become an SMC?
  • What support networks do I need to have in place to look after myself and my child?
  • How will I financially support myself and my child/ren?
  • Should I tell any of my family and friends that I am planning on becoming an SMC? How may they react and how will I feel?

There are many options available to women who would like to become an SMC, these include:

  • Becoming pregnant and carrying your own child through the use of donor gametes (sperm, sperm and eggs, embryos)
  • Foster Care and Permanent Care
  • Adoption

Depending on which option you choose there will be a range of other factors to consider. Some of these are outlined further in the section Trying to Become An SMC.

Some things that are helpful to consider while you’re thinking about becoming an SMC:

  • If you wish to become pregnant yourself, female fertility drops markedly after the age of 35. While some women are still able to have biological children into their 40’s, for many it can be a long and difficult journey.
  • If you choose Foster Care or Permanent Care, what programs are available in your state?  How long may it take from application to placement?
  • What adoption programs are in place in your state for single women?  In Australia, there are few adoption programs that are open to single women and this may be dependent upon your state of residence.  Even if you find a program, the path from application to adoption can take years.

When thinking about becoming an SMC, it is important to research all your options and make sure you are well informed in your decisions.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, from doctors, case workers, friends and family, and other solo mums by choice.

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