About Us

SMC Australia is the national support group for women who are thinking about or have become solo mums by choice. We define solo motherhood as intentionally becoming a parent to a child on your own via donor conception (sperm, sperm and egg, or embryo), foster care, adoption or any combination of these.

Initially founded in 2002 by two women from Queensland, an online community was formed in 2004 with 30 women.  Today, we have over 2000 members Australia wide with many, many children born, adopted or fostered to our members. Our members include women who are in the thinking and researching stages, trying to conceive, pregnant, applying to foster or adopt, and mothers of babies through to adults.

Our private online community extends beyond the forum with regular catch-ups in most major cities. Our members have the opportunity to form real connections with each other and for our children to grow up among other solo mum families. Our ‘village’ is diverse, inclusive and welcoming.

We welcome women from all across Australia and are now formally extending that welcome to our New Zealand counterparts. So, New Zealand mamas (and future mamas!), come join us, too!

SMC Australia is a volunteer run organisation.

Please feel free to like SMC Australia’s Facebook page which has some useful links and information: